Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where to begin....

It's been an eventful couple of weeks!  I've done a lot of hanging out in the Inn, just resting up.  I find I do much better at finding herbs and ore when rested!

Wow!  Love is certainly in the air in Orgrimmar!  Everywhere I look, people are giving out chocolate and perfume.  I've been getting into the spirit of the day too.  I've been gathering as many love tokens as I can and plan on buying those love dummies that are being sold right now. 

Speaking of love, thanks for the letter Baelodwea!   It reminded me that it was way past time to update my blog.

I've made it to level 17.  I'm sure I could have advanced farther, but I have been busy with other things.  Life has gotten so much easier with prowl.  I have very little trouble sneaking past creatures to pick flowers now.  It's even allowed me to do a few quests here and there for people!

I'm ashamed to admit, I killed a poor level 1 snake the other day, totally by accident.  I guess I wasn't paying as much attention to what I was doing as I should have been, but I went to pick a flower and the snake slithered at the same time right into my path, and before I even knew what happened, he was gone.  I've now done 1 damage, and have a single kill to my name.  I was very sad, and seriously considered the Big death, but a friend said to me "Peaceable, even Gandhi stepped on ants".  I will certainly pay more attention from now on., that's for sure.  To make up for it, I vow to "love" every animal I come across.

Level 20 is coming soon!  Can't wait to get a raptor friend to help me in my adventures.  I've been having fun helping Razgar in Org gather clam meat and other things, and gathering fruit for Marogg.  Perhaps I'll venture out of town today in search of more people to help.

Peace and love to all!


  1. Interesting experiment, though the clams might have a different interpretation on whether you are killing living creatures.

    Incidentally, the third edition Dungeons & Dragons explored the idea of non-violent questing. The "Book of Exalted Deeds" sourcebook for good-aligned players offered the ability to take vows of peace and non-violence, which offered particular benefits in exchange for never fighting or killing. The book also suggested alternative rules for awarding experience points and conducting adventures based on non-violence. It would be revolutionary if Blizzard would enable your style of gameplay with such features as de-aggro spells, charisma influence to talk NPCs out of fights, etc. Of course, it is not called "World of Peacecraft"... but your experience demonstrates how hard it is not to kill something in the game, even when you intend no harm.

  2. I am getting great enjoyment out of reading this. The fact that your doing this, proving that the game can be played in any way really, is quite amazing. Will keep checking up!

    Euraki, Warrior of Laughing Skull.

  3. "Even Gandhi stepped on ants."

    Haha! Loved that!

  4. While I don't think I could play in the way that you do, I tremendous respect for for your goal and wish that there was some way that I could assist you. I would be more than happy to donate whatever leather I can to you to the point that I want to create a character on your server in order to assist you more easily.

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments! It is a challenge to play the way I do, but a fun challenge! I find that I do much more exploring... I have to to find people to help that don't ask me to kill something. I'm glad you are all enjoying it. I'll have another post out soon!! I've hit 22 now!

    Jim, that is very sweet of you to offer to help me with leather! Never fear though, while I will never reap leather myself, there are plenty of people that sell it on the auction house for me to buy. At least being a gatherer pays pretty good!