Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They didn't even see me coming....

Ok, well maybe they saw me... once or twice... or maybe half a dozen times. 

I wandered into Hellscream's Watch tonight after giving out some perfume samples in Org.  Mitsuwa told me a sad story of how his family was traveling with some sacred troll charms, and was attacked by a group of furblogs.  While he missed his family, I could not bring them back.  He did however ask me to enter the furblog hold and get back his family's troll charms. 
"No problem!" I told him.  "I can sneak with the best!  Those furblogs won't even know I'm there." 
I didn't feel the least bit guilty about stealing from them, afterall, they murdered and took what was not theirs!  I transformed into my cat form, prowling into the hold... 
Hmm... I SEE a basket with the charms, but there is a furblog standing right there, and no way was he going to stand quietly by and let me open the basket and take out the charms without a protest. 
"Ok, let's look for a less guarded basket" I thought.
I found several that I was able to sneak open and grab the contents of.  But I guess I got just a little too close to one furblog while doing it.  Next thing I know, I'm running as fast as my little cheetah legs will carry me.  I'm running past furblog after furblog, and they ALL want a taste of my blood.  I'm in the hold, and there is nowhere "open" for me to run.  I HAVE to get out.  I gulp a potion, but they are still on me.  I cast lifebloom, still running like the wind.  Looking behind, there is a sea of furblog.  Ok, time to try out these Love Fools.  I stop, and drop one.  That gets SOME of them off my back, but a few are not fooled, so I turn tail and run some more, dodging the other furblogs to not anger more once I'm outside of the hold.  FINALLY, they stop chasing me and I can catch my breath and fully heal myself, and none too soon, because I'm just about to pass out.
After getting distracted by some kingsblood (woo hoo!  I'm a Professional Journeyman now!) I head back in to collect the rest of the troll charms.  This time I picked the easy baskets...

That's pretty much a typical night for me!  Oh, and I turned 23!


  1. Your coming up in the world! Sounds like you have had an exciting time. Glad to hear that you came out, even with a little fur missing from your tail. Can't wait to see how you handle the higher areas, and will love to hear about your adventures in the great Northrend when you reach it.

    Much love from Laughing Skull,

  2. Though I have no qualms about defending myself at the cost of an enemies life, your path has been very interesting to follow. Keep it up, and perhaps I might be inspired to follow your path in a possible reincarnation.

    Happy .....picking/mining/prowling!