Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Hot Spots!

So much has happened since my last post.  I'm almost 48!  Won't be long now until I get my wings and hit the Outlands!  Right now, I'm looking forward to 48, when I can get Hibernate, which will allow me to put beasts and dragonkin peacefully to sleep for 30 seconds... That will be a very helpful skill!!

Shortly after my last post, I decided to head to 1000 needles, just to swim around and see what was there.  Imagine my glee when I found out the place was just brimming with Tin, Silver, Mithril, and Gold!  Not to mention Stranglekelp!  And the best part?  Almost NOTHING that would attack me!  I happily (and peacefully) swam about, mining and picking to my little heart's content.  It was wonderful!!  And things just grew back so fast!  At one time, I had 3 ore nodes, all within sight of each other.  It was soooo fun!!

It was so easy, being a druid.  Not only did I have the talent to make me swim faster, but I also had a glyph to speed me along too.  I highly recommend it to those miners and pickers out there!

When I was no longer getting much experience from 1000 needles, I headed out to various places to see if I could find someone who needed my help.  I explored Dustwallow Marsh, the Plaguelands, and several other places without much luck.  I just seemed like nobody wanted my help!  That's when I found the lake in Feralas.....  and my 2nd hot spot!  Jademir Lake, in NW Feralas!  The lake makes a big circle, and all along the edges grow Blindweed.  I picked myself silly!!  (Still do sometimes).  The experience just rolled in.  There are only a few dragonkin, easily avoided along the banks of the lake.  By the time I had made 1 circuit, everything had regrown!  So around and around I went, gathering the blindweed and the experience!

For those who are interested, here are a few quests I was able to do.  I will try to remember to write them down as I do them from now on.

Felwood -
Crying Violet
Purity from Corruption
Dousing the Flames of Protection (whew!  this was hard, and a lot of sneaking!)

Tanaris -

Badlands -
Down to the Scar
Survival of the Fattest

Well, that's all for now!  Peace and love to all...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woo hoo!! I'm 34!

So I turned 34 by opening a chest... who knew you got experience from opening a chest?  I sure didn't!  I was just exploring a cave full of miners (who were green by the way) when I saw a chest.  I opened it, and to my surprise, I turned 34 when I did!  I also found a nice blue necklace, which was a bonus.

Other than helping with some cooking and fishing in Org, I've mostly been exploring and helping people in Desolace, Southern Barrens, and Stranglethorn Vale, and of course picking herbs and mining ore! 

So far I can't believe how easy it has been to get to this level.  Honestly, anyone could do it.  Though I will say that without being able to sneak my way around places, it might be a lot harder.  Trying to decide what armor to wear, and what items might help me, has been one of the hardest parts actually.  I think I've settled on stam and agility items (to boost defense) as being the most important to me.  While I am a druid, I really don't use much mana, other than healing once in awhile.  Anyone have any ideas on some good trinkets, potions, enchants, etc, that would be helpful?  I have a few run speed potions, but now that I have dash I don't really need them too much.  Hibernate will be a nice spell once I get it...

That's about it for now! I'm looking forward to a faster mount at 40!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They didn't even see me coming....

Ok, well maybe they saw me... once or twice... or maybe half a dozen times. 

I wandered into Hellscream's Watch tonight after giving out some perfume samples in Org.  Mitsuwa told me a sad story of how his family was traveling with some sacred troll charms, and was attacked by a group of furblogs.  While he missed his family, I could not bring them back.  He did however ask me to enter the furblog hold and get back his family's troll charms. 
"No problem!" I told him.  "I can sneak with the best!  Those furblogs won't even know I'm there." 
I didn't feel the least bit guilty about stealing from them, afterall, they murdered and took what was not theirs!  I transformed into my cat form, prowling into the hold... 
Hmm... I SEE a basket with the charms, but there is a furblog standing right there, and no way was he going to stand quietly by and let me open the basket and take out the charms without a protest. 
"Ok, let's look for a less guarded basket" I thought.
I found several that I was able to sneak open and grab the contents of.  But I guess I got just a little too close to one furblog while doing it.  Next thing I know, I'm running as fast as my little cheetah legs will carry me.  I'm running past furblog after furblog, and they ALL want a taste of my blood.  I'm in the hold, and there is nowhere "open" for me to run.  I HAVE to get out.  I gulp a potion, but they are still on me.  I cast lifebloom, still running like the wind.  Looking behind, there is a sea of furblog.  Ok, time to try out these Love Fools.  I stop, and drop one.  That gets SOME of them off my back, but a few are not fooled, so I turn tail and run some more, dodging the other furblogs to not anger more once I'm outside of the hold.  FINALLY, they stop chasing me and I can catch my breath and fully heal myself, and none too soon, because I'm just about to pass out.
After getting distracted by some kingsblood (woo hoo!  I'm a Professional Journeyman now!) I head back in to collect the rest of the troll charms.  This time I picked the easy baskets...

That's pretty much a typical night for me!  Oh, and I turned 23!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where to begin....

It's been an eventful couple of weeks!  I've done a lot of hanging out in the Inn, just resting up.  I find I do much better at finding herbs and ore when rested!

Wow!  Love is certainly in the air in Orgrimmar!  Everywhere I look, people are giving out chocolate and perfume.  I've been getting into the spirit of the day too.  I've been gathering as many love tokens as I can and plan on buying those love dummies that are being sold right now. 

Speaking of love, thanks for the letter Baelodwea!   It reminded me that it was way past time to update my blog.

I've made it to level 17.  I'm sure I could have advanced farther, but I have been busy with other things.  Life has gotten so much easier with prowl.  I have very little trouble sneaking past creatures to pick flowers now.  It's even allowed me to do a few quests here and there for people!

I'm ashamed to admit, I killed a poor level 1 snake the other day, totally by accident.  I guess I wasn't paying as much attention to what I was doing as I should have been, but I went to pick a flower and the snake slithered at the same time right into my path, and before I even knew what happened, he was gone.  I've now done 1 damage, and have a single kill to my name.  I was very sad, and seriously considered the Big death, but a friend said to me "Peaceable, even Gandhi stepped on ants".  I will certainly pay more attention from now on., that's for sure.  To make up for it, I vow to "love" every animal I come across.

Level 20 is coming soon!  Can't wait to get a raptor friend to help me in my adventures.  I've been having fun helping Razgar in Org gather clam meat and other things, and gathering fruit for Marogg.  Perhaps I'll venture out of town today in search of more people to help.

Peace and love to all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The great explorer!

Well last night I did some more exploring of this great big world!  I fully explored Durotar and Mulgore!  A few things nibbled me as I ran about, but I was able to heal myself just fine.   I was also able to help Zargh get some meat to Grimtak in Orgrimmar.  All in all, a very nice evening for a long run.

This morning I went for a jog down the path in Durotar, picking herbs and mining some ore.  Along the way I hit level 6!  I noticed that the Scorpids are starting to get used to my presence and don't bother me as much now that I have a bit more experience under my belt.  Soon they won't even notice me at all, I'm sure.

I think tonight I'll do some exploring over where the Alliance live if I can make it there alive...  Dun Morogh and Elwynn Forest perhaps.  I'll have to plan my routes carefully, that's for sure.  A run buff would be really nice.  Hmmm.... if the route proves to be difficult, I might wait until I have my travel form, or at least my cat prowl form at 11.  Wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Peaceable Pacifist - A World of Warcraft Experiment

Welcome to my blog.  Since you are here, let me introduce myself.  I am Peaceable, a Troll druid, born on Whisperwind.  My goal in life is to reach the highest levels of being, having never harmed or killed another living creature.   I live in a land full of violence, violence that I have sworn to avoid at all costs, even if it means "dying the little death" 100 times a day.  I shall live and grow by picking herbs, mining ore, surveying archaeological digs, and helping those few people that request my help in a non-violent way, and never by grouping with another that would kill something.

Today I reached level 5!  I have done a lot of exploring in this world of mine.  I have seen many places that few my level have dreamed of.  Already I have been to our great capital city, Orgrimmar, and I have also visited Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, the Undercity, and many places in between.  My packs are FULL of copper ore, silverleaf, peacebloom, and earthroot. 

It seems the people who want my help without requesting me to kill something are few and far between, but I WAS able to help Thonk in Durotar find some missing friends with his spyglass.  It was a great day! 

The sun was shining and herbs to pick were plentiful, though the scorpids were not too happy to have me hanging around their plants, waiting for them to move out of my way.  Many chased me out of their territory, taking little bites as they went.  Luckily I can heal myself pretty easily.... one of the many reasons I trained as a druid.  An engineering friend of mine told me about a wonderful contraption that he can create, called a target dummy, if I would get him the materials for them.  I think the target dummy was made with me in mind!  I'll be able to distract those scorpids, no problem now!  Gathering the ore for the dummies will be no problem, but the cloth I will have to buy, as I will not be killing anything to gather it.  Ah well, I do not think it will be a problem... after all, I'll have plenty of money once I sell my herbs and ore in the auction house to buy all the wool cloth he needs.  I'll have to sit and have a long talk with him soon about other things he might be able to create to help me live a non-violent lifestyle.  I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time at the Inn, resting between my gathering forays. 

Sadly, I know I will likely never see the inside of a dungeon.  I will have to purchase every piece of armor I ever wear.  Luckily, I know some leather workers that can make some pretty good stuff for me, and I do not anticipate a shortage of money to buy the materials for what I need.

My next goal:
Level 10 - I'll get to prowl in cat form!  This should make sneaking around in a non-violent way much easier. I'll also be able to start looking at good talents to help my lifestyle.  Right now I'm thinking of going feral.  There are some very helpful things in that tree, like increased movement speed, more armor in bear form, increased dodge ability, etc.  I should also be able to start doing some cooking and fishing quests for people in Orgrimmar.