Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Hot Spots!

So much has happened since my last post.  I'm almost 48!  Won't be long now until I get my wings and hit the Outlands!  Right now, I'm looking forward to 48, when I can get Hibernate, which will allow me to put beasts and dragonkin peacefully to sleep for 30 seconds... That will be a very helpful skill!!

Shortly after my last post, I decided to head to 1000 needles, just to swim around and see what was there.  Imagine my glee when I found out the place was just brimming with Tin, Silver, Mithril, and Gold!  Not to mention Stranglekelp!  And the best part?  Almost NOTHING that would attack me!  I happily (and peacefully) swam about, mining and picking to my little heart's content.  It was wonderful!!  And things just grew back so fast!  At one time, I had 3 ore nodes, all within sight of each other.  It was soooo fun!!

It was so easy, being a druid.  Not only did I have the talent to make me swim faster, but I also had a glyph to speed me along too.  I highly recommend it to those miners and pickers out there!

When I was no longer getting much experience from 1000 needles, I headed out to various places to see if I could find someone who needed my help.  I explored Dustwallow Marsh, the Plaguelands, and several other places without much luck.  I just seemed like nobody wanted my help!  That's when I found the lake in Feralas.....  and my 2nd hot spot!  Jademir Lake, in NW Feralas!  The lake makes a big circle, and all along the edges grow Blindweed.  I picked myself silly!!  (Still do sometimes).  The experience just rolled in.  There are only a few dragonkin, easily avoided along the banks of the lake.  By the time I had made 1 circuit, everything had regrown!  So around and around I went, gathering the blindweed and the experience!

For those who are interested, here are a few quests I was able to do.  I will try to remember to write them down as I do them from now on.

Felwood -
Crying Violet
Purity from Corruption
Dousing the Flames of Protection (whew!  this was hard, and a lot of sneaking!)

Tanaris -

Badlands -
Down to the Scar
Survival of the Fattest

Well, that's all for now!  Peace and love to all...

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  1. Have you given up? Your blog was kind of inspiration for me starting my challenge and it would be a shame if you had.