Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Woo hoo!! I'm 34!

So I turned 34 by opening a chest... who knew you got experience from opening a chest?  I sure didn't!  I was just exploring a cave full of miners (who were green by the way) when I saw a chest.  I opened it, and to my surprise, I turned 34 when I did!  I also found a nice blue necklace, which was a bonus.

Other than helping with some cooking and fishing in Org, I've mostly been exploring and helping people in Desolace, Southern Barrens, and Stranglethorn Vale, and of course picking herbs and mining ore! 

So far I can't believe how easy it has been to get to this level.  Honestly, anyone could do it.  Though I will say that without being able to sneak my way around places, it might be a lot harder.  Trying to decide what armor to wear, and what items might help me, has been one of the hardest parts actually.  I think I've settled on stam and agility items (to boost defense) as being the most important to me.  While I am a druid, I really don't use much mana, other than healing once in awhile.  Anyone have any ideas on some good trinkets, potions, enchants, etc, that would be helpful?  I have a few run speed potions, but now that I have dash I don't really need them too much.  Hibernate will be a nice spell once I get it...

That's about it for now! I'm looking forward to a faster mount at 40!

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  1. I reckon lvling up will only get harder from now on, because for every lvl you go up, you need more XP to gain a next lvl, so that means more mining, herbing. I'd ask some people to make you some HP potions, you provide the materials + something extra, for in case you run low on HP potions. and try to get armour with +'something' dodge, that would come in handy.

    and while I'm at it: screenshots!!
    what do you look like right now? and to where have you traveled?

    and ofcourse: best of luck to get to lvl 85 (no idea what you're gonna do after that, but still.)